Do you remember the last time you experienced something unique and indigenous?

A wonderful feeling, right?! Now you have the opportunity to explore the routes of the famous Principality of Poljica, get to know the cultural heritage of Central Dalmatia, local custums, the tradition of making autochthonous dishes and old crafts.

Together we will discover the famous past of Poljica – one of the oldest autonomous and democratic principalities – located between the ancient town of Split and Omiš, city of pirates. Find out why famous heroines marked Poljica’ s history. Learn about women who nurture and live the cultural heritage of the celebrated and autonomous Principality of Poljica.

We will discover how to make an autochthonous dish of workman’s and taste the specialties of Poljica that mark its past, but also the present. Experience the tradition of healthy living in Poljica, see unique natural landscape and learn the local customs that have been cultivated for centuries in this area. Let your imagination and allow your memories revive the cultural heritage and history of the Autonomous Region of Poljica. Experience something unique, autonomous and unmistakable and go with us trough Poljica’ s past and present paths.

The arrangement can be realized in the duration of 4 – 6 (8) days. the program includes:

Day 1  Arrival in Omiš and staying in the capaties of  T.A. Almissa Larus
Day 2 To get acquainted with Poljica with the play depicting the election of a prince
Day 3 Tour of Historical museum of Poljica and Presentation of the Silent Cirkle (UNESCO)
Day 4 Workshop and presentation of autochthonous dishes of Poljica (intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia)
Day 5 Tour of the Upper Poljica with the presentation of old games of Poljica
Day 6 Departure from Omiš with beautiful memories

* Possible to extend the program by visiting Klis Fortress and the Alka Museum in Sinj