For its interesting historical story, Omiš can thank the pirates who made Omiš an invicible little town on the one hand; and the Poljica Republic on the other hand, which was the first of its kind in Europe.

Let our expert guides lead you to the trip at the time of brave Omis pirates and mysterious heroines, such as the famous Mile Gojsalić.

Forget the everyday life and let your imagination lead to some exciting ancient times.

Tourist packages for two to four days. The activity program for a three-day package includes:

Day 1: tour of Omis and visit to the Mirabela fortress

Day 2: tour of Poljica museum and Mile Gojsalić monument with the tasting of the famous Poljica specialty – soparnik

Day 3: visit to the knitwear factory Galeb, experience of a more recent history

Packages are available throughout the year for groups from 2 people to 40 people.

Accommodation is provided in mobile homes in the camping situated on a sandy beach.

Professional guides are available in Croatian, English and German.

All data are for information purposes and non-binding, so please contact us for a final offer.

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