Omis is the tourist centre of a 35 km long Split Riviera of outstanding beauty.
Omis lies at the intersection of the main road (M2, E65) and the regional road, connecting Omis with the hinterland in the Cetina valley (via Zadvarje).

North of Omis, in the village of Zakucac, is the hydro-electric power plant “Split”.
The unusual Climate in this region is a result of its position between the seaside and mountains. The differing climatic influences are visible in the vegetation of the region. The average temperature in January is about 4 degrees Celsius and in July the average temperature is above 23 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall for this region is about 1400mm per year, which highlights the difference between this region compared to Split, and Livno. This is the reason for its sub-Mediterranean climate.

Cetina River:  Without any doubt, the river Cetina is one of the nicest places in Croatia where you can experience the magic of a rafting adventure. It is situated in a luscious region surrounded by quaint little villages.
The river supplies drinking water to much of Dalmatia.  The source of the Cetina River is situated in a small village (called Cetina) 7 kilometres away from the town of Vrlika. Gospodarska pecina (Noble Cave) is situated 100 meters above the source. This cave has important historical significance as it has been used as shelter for many people throughout history.

The Cetina River and its magnificent canyon are cut into the picturesque mountainous massif in the very background of the town. On its way to the sea the river has created numerous long sandy beaches which are characteristics of this part of the coast and make it one of the most beautiful, unusual and incomparable.

Isolated coves where you can always find “your own” beach, or auto camp at the very seaside are waiting for you.  The river Cetina, with its magnificent canyon, which has cut its way to the sea into the impressive mountain massif at the beautiful, one kilometers long sandy beach make this part of the Adriatic coast unique and incomparable.