1. Arrangement content

Travel organiser guarantees enforcing programme according to the description of the arrangement in the programme that he organises and which you have received.

Travel organiser will realize the content of the arrangement in the decribed way, unless there comes to an extraordinary situations, such as: war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, disaster, authority interventions and so on.

2. Registration and payment

Registration for the trip and accommodation are being received at the agency ”Almissa Larus”.

a) During registration the client has to pay 30% of the whole value of the arrangement (accommodation), and the rest 70% of the amount has to be paied no later than 15 days before taking the trip. This does not stand for the cases with notable special payment conditions or when there is less than 15 days from the entry day untill the beginning of the trip.
b) For ”reservations on inquiry” the client pays an advance according to the list of prices of the responsible organiser. Organiser will not accept registration of the reservation on inquiry without paying for the advance. If the client does not accept confirmed reservation that was made after his personal demand, the organiser will retain  advance as a cover for the costs of the reservation.
c) In the case of a paid and confirmed arrangement and accommodation, any change of  the date or of the conditions has to be paid according to the current list of prices and riles of the company.

3. Content and price of the arrangement and accommodation

Everything the travel organiser has listed in the trip and accommodation programme is considered to be the content of the arrangement and accommodation  and it is covered by the price of the arrangement.
Special services are services that are not included in the price so the client has to pay for them separately. These services have to be requested during registration and are additioned to the original price of the arrangement.
If the client asks for optional and special services during the trip, he has to pay for them to the tourist guide or spokesman of the travel organiser in currency of the country in which services are taking place.  Prices of the arrangement and accommodation are declared in kunas, but they are calculated according to the prices of the services in the reference currency by the exchange rate of commercial bank of travel organiser and accommodation on the specific day.  In the case of changes in exchange rate  for more than 2%, the agency reserves the right to change the price. Organiser reservs the right to change published prices in the case of price change of accommodation, food, transport and others services, or in the case of change currency value relations that are basis to calculate the package price. To increase package price and accommodation up to 10% agency does not require the approval of the client (increase is calculated on all parts of the deposit). In the case of price increases greater than 10%, the client has the right to withdraw of traveling without the obligation of compensation.

4. Categorisation and description of services

The accommodation fascilities, restaurants and other means of transport are described according to the official categorization at the time of programme publishing. Standards of accommodation, food and services around Croatia are different and incomparable. Information that the client receives from the travel and accommodation programme are more binding than those received at the point of sale.

5. Programme change

In the case of exceptional circumstances, the travel organiser reserves the right of changing the programme. This refers to situations that are unpredictable and inevitable (see point 1). Reserved accommodation can be replaced with the accommodation in the fascility of the same or higher category, at the expense of the organiser.

6.  Travel documents

Client who is applying for travel abroad has to have valid identification documents. If some client requires visa to enter the country, travel organiser will inform the client about necessary documents for obtaining visa. Required documentation has to be collected and submitted at the competent Embassy by the client. Organiser issues a certificate about reservation that has been made and the client attaches that certificate to the rest of documentation. Travel organiser does not guarantee for obtaining and validity of visa.

7.  The right of the organiser to cancel arrangement

Organiser can cancel the arrangement and accommodation completely and partly if just before or during it inevitable and unpredictable exceptional circumstances occur.  If they had occured during programme publishing and selling, organiser would have dropped them. Organiser can also cancel arrangement if the minimum number provided for the arrangement does not apply. With the programme of every arrangement travel organiser has to notify the minimum number. Organiser is due to inform clients about cancellation at least 5 days before and has to return total amount paid for the canceled arrangement.

8. Traveler’s withdrawal from the journey

If traveler cancels or ends his journey and accommodation, he has to do it in writing. The date of written cancellations represents basis for calculation of costs which will charge the organiser of tour and accommodation according to this scale:
•    for cancellation up to 30 days before organiser charges 20% of the arrangement and accommodation price
•    for cancellation from 29 to 22 days before the trip, organiser charges 25% of the price
•    for cancellation from 21 to 15 days before the trip, organiser charges 40% of the price
•    for cancellation from 14 to 8 days before the trip, organiser charges 80% of the price
•    for cancellation from 7 to 0 days before the trip or for stopover, organiser will charge 100% of the price.

When the actual costs are higher than those up listed, travel organiser reservs the right to charge those costs. Actual cancellation costs are applied to departure date changes or accommodation changes, as well as all other changes.

9. Travel organiser’s obligations

Organiser is due to take care of implementation services as well as the staff selection. He also has to take care of traveler rights and intrests. Organiser is due to  issue an appropriate documents for paid journey.  Organiser excludes all liability in the case of changes and failure to provide services caused by higher force (see point 1.).  He also excludes all liability in the case of transport delay for which according to regulations and international conventions transporter does not respond. In these cases, traveler settles all additional costs.

10.  Traveler’s obligations

Traveler is required:
•    to possess valid travel documents (identification documents). Costs of loss or theft personal documents during the travel bears the traveler. Companion or organiser’s representative will help but only under condition that the programme takes place freely.
•    To be vaccinated and have confirmation and documents about vaccination so you can travel in countries for which according to regulation of ”World Health Organization” that is necessary . In this case, traveler attaches medical certificate. Lack of documents just like airworthiness of personal travel documents that lead to travel cancellation or inability to continue do not oblige organiser. Organiser calculates termination costs as stated in article 8
•    to respect customs and currency regulations of the Croatian Republic, and the states in which one residents during the journey
•    to obey house rules in all fascilities they visit and cooperate with the service prepetrators in good faith
•    to obey instructions and to cooperate with tourist companion or organiser’s representative
•    when starting a journey traveler has to show the document on the paid arrangement (original voucher) to the tourist companion or organiser’s representative. This applies on organised traveling groups.
•    after the arrival at the destination it is necessary to show a valid confirmation of payment (original voucher) to the arrangement owner
Traveler has to pay the travel and accommodation organiser damages because he is responsible for them in a case of a non-compliance these obligations.

11.  Luggage

Traveler has a right on a free transportation up to 20 pounds on charters flights and on regular air lines. Children younger than 2 do not have a right on a free luggage transportation. Luggage is transported on traveler’s risk, so we recommend luggage insurance at Private Insurance Groups. Travel organiser is not responsible for destroyed and lost luggage , nor for theft of luggage or valuables in the hotel (we reciommend renting a safe). Application for the damaged or lost luggage has to be made to the transporter, air company or to the reception of the accommodation fascility. This depends on where the goods are lost or damaged.

12. Travel insurance

In accordance with the Law on Tourism (National Newspapers No. 8/96), agency workers in which payment of the arrangement is being made, are obliged to the client to offer ”package” of the travel insurance which consists out of client’s health insurance, his insurance lasts during the whole stay abroad, luggage insurance, insurance againsts accidents and travel cancellation insurance which are offered for trips for our country and abroad. Accepting the travel contract, which are made of these rules as well, the client confirms that the agency had offered him the ”package” of travel insurance. When contracting the ”package” at the insurace group called ”Croatia osiguranje” (Croatia Insurance), the client has to put his full name and surname, address and Social Security insurance policy can not be arranged later!!!

13. Health regulations

In some programs there are listed special rules for trips that include mandatory vaccinations and procurement of appropriate documents. The traveler is required to perform mandatory vaccinations as well as to have with yourself confirmations and documentation about it.

14. Resolving complaints

If the programme services are done incompletely or unsatisfactory, the client can demand compensation by submitting a written response.
Proceddings in connection with the objection:
•    Instantly, at the current place, traveler reclaims inadequate service to the tourist guide or representative of the organiser, and if he is not present, to the performer of the service. If the traveler does not submit objection on the listed way, and uses the service, he waves the right to compensation.
•    Traveler is due to cooperate with tourist guide or representative of the organiser in good faith so they can eliminate the causes of the complaint. If the traveler on the current place does not accept offered solution of the complaint that matches paid service, organiser will not accept any further reclaim nor it will answer to it.
•    When the cause of the complaint would is not removed, traveler with tourist guide or representative of the organiser or with the performer of the service have to draw up a written confirmation in two copies that both of them sign. Traveler keeps one copy of this confirmation.
•    Traveler has to submit the written complaint at the point of sale where he had paid the arrangement and he also submits written confirmation that had been signed by the representative as well and any accounts for additional costs. This has to be done 8 days after the return to the latest.
•    Organiser will receive treatment only properly filed complaints received within a specified period of 8 (eight) days.
•    Organiser has to bring written solution on this complaint in period of 14 (fourteen) days upon receipt of the complaint at the point of sale. Organiser can delay the term for solving the complaint only by 14 days more, in order to collect information and to verify the complaint with the performer of the service
Organiser will solve only those complaints whose cause was not possible to remove at the point of stay.

15. Jurisdiction of the court

For all cases that can not be solved in agreement, court in Split has jurisdiction.

16. Guarantee-found

Almissa-Larus d.o.o. has insurance policy at the insurance group Croatia osiguranje d.d.

17. Liability insurance

Almissa-Larus d.o.o. has liability insurance policy at the insurance group Croatia osiguranje d.d.