Welcome to the official site of travel agency ALMISSA – LARUS d.o.o.

Here you will find rich selection of holiday packages, organised travels and organised accommodation – school excursions and individual. Here you can also find and buy a tickets for vacations, winter holidays, cruises and much, much more.

With every day, our offer is getting richer. Seeing the daily growth of the Internet users, we decided to get into your home and present you our offer and the beauty of our country. If you have some questions or need an information you can contact us by calling our contact numbers, or you can send questions through our web site or you can become our registered user. If you register you can buy our packages online.

We work in Dalmatia which is one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia. With its diversity, natural beauty, rich cultural and historical inheritance and numerous accommodations it attracts lots of tourists. Most of them next year return and experience things they have missed because an average two-week holiday is not enough to see and enjoy everything we offer. Every year we try to enrich and enlarge our offer with attractive destinations and interesting contents. We try to satisfy different tastes and wishes of our guests. We want to stress that all offered accommodations were thoroughly inspected by members of our agency and after they have decided that everything was within the scope of agreement, we included them in our offer.

Our goal is to be accurate, precise and realistic. We want you to feel safe and sure that the information given by us is true and you can expect everything to be in terms of our agreement. If you want you can be fully introduced with accommodation before you come. We respect nature and plead for development of Croatian tourism in the direction which is not contrary to the nature and our tradition. There are many beautiful old eco-villages on our coast, in hinterlands and on our islands. We are expanding our offer on active holidays, country vacations and we are trying to reveal richness of our tradition, customs and give you opportunity to see authentic little villages situated in the shadow of big cities.

A team of young, ambitious and educated people runs this agency. All of them are very experienced in this field and thanks to their professional and dedicated work we have been recognized as a trustworthy agency. Our employees are always ready to help and inform anyone who expresses its intrest. Come to us and we will do our best to organise a vacation that will permanently stay in your memory.