– The trekking on the Mosor Mountain (Mosor Grebbening), April
-”Nights prior to St. John”, Slime, June 14th – 24th
-”XX Omiš Summer Festival”, Omiš and surroundings, June, July, August
-”The Call of the Rock”, Donji Dolac, June 30th – July 04th
– Once a week events during summer:
– KUD ”Dalmacija” Dugi Rat, Radmanove Mlinice, Wednesday night
-”Organization for preservation of Croatian folklore” Omiš, Monday 9–11
– Groups ”Puntari” and ”Mostina”, Omiš, Wednesday 9 – 11 p.m.
– Pirate Command, Omiš, once a week
-”Festival of Dalmatian a Cappella Singers ”, Omiš, July 04th – 25th
-”The Days of Mila Gojsalić”, Kostanje,  July 16th – 19th
-”Vrisak”, Svinišće, July 18th
-”Stružica”, Trnbusi, July 25th
-”Croatia’s Open Championship in Swimming Marathon, Omiš, July 25th
-”The days of Čažin Dolac”, Tugare, July 31st and August 01st
-”Omiš Pirates’ Nights”, Omiš, July 31st – August 03rd
-”Summer Pageant”, Omiš, August 01st
-”The Day of people from Kučiće”, Kučiće, August 01st and 02nd
-”The Days of Ivo Marjanović”, Gata, August 01st/02nd – 22nd
-”Omiš Beach Volley-ball Open”, Omiš, beginning of August
-”Pirates’ Battle”, Omiš, August 17th
-”Crazy Jumps”, Omiš, August 18th
-”Moto meeting”, Omiš, Semptember 25th – 27th
-”Car Race”, Omiš, November 21st and 22nd