– Cultural Heritage

– The tower ‘’Mirabella’’ or ‘’Peovica’’- 13-19 C., with a wonderful view

– Fortress ‘’Starigrad’’ – ‘’Fortica’’ – the remains of medieval fortifications include the southern town gate with a part of the walls, the south-western quadrangular tower on “Fošal”, the fortification on the cliff above the town and the grandiose ruins of the fortress Starigrad (Fortica) on the hill above Omiš (311 m).

– On the square is the parish church from the 17th century with a nice portal (1621) and a bell tower; it features two paintings by the painter Matteo Ingoli from Ravenna and a Gothic wooden cross from the 15th century.

–  Local museum collection (archaeological, cultural, historical and ethnographic exhibits from the region of Omiš and the nearby Poljica) can be found on a square in Omiš called Stjepan Radić.

– At the end of the main street is a small church of the Holy Spirit from the 16th century, it has been built on an older one from Gothic period, from 1585.

– Along the river is the house of the Radman family with a collection of stone fragments (ancient times, Gothic, Renaissance) and cultural and historical artifacts (18 th -19th C.).

– On the right bank of Cetina is the locality of Priko with a small pre-Romanesque church of St. Peter (10th C.), mentioned in the deeds of national rulers from the 10th and the 11th centuries.

– The Franciscan Monastery, built in the 18th century, has a collection of works of art, the archives containing Turkish documents and a library.

– Illyrian Theologian Building established by archbishop Pacifiko Bizzo in 1750  is also situated in Priko.

– Medieval town’s core is also beautiful and it represents the heart of the town. Old stone houses connected by specific Dalmatian narrow streets called  ”kala” and squares.

– ”Column of Shame” can be seen on Poljički trg, at the beginning of the street called Knezova Kačića, near river Cetina. On its capital has been attached emblem of Venetian ruler, probably in 1617.

– In Omiš, there are eight churches. In the old part there are: church of St. Michael (Sv. Mihovil), church of the Holy Spirit (Duh Sveti), church of St. Roko

– Outside of walls there are: church of St. Peter (Sv. Petar), St. Luka, St. Mary (Sv. Marija), Franciscan Monastery with church of Our Lady of Mount Caramel (Gospe od Karmela), church of St. Stephen (Sv, Stjepan), and the remains of St. John (Sv. Ivan).