Kamp Galeb

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Location: Omiš

Camp Ribnjak, todays camp Galeb has been opened back in the year 1974.

Name Ribnjak was given because on this specific area are mixed fresh and salt water. Also, in the 19th C, on this area was pond of count Kulmero – that was known for its diversity of flora and fauna.

Camp was renamed in Camp Galeb when Galeb d.d., Dalmatian cloth’s factory, in 2000nd took him to a concession on 20 years from the town of Omiš.

Camp Galeb activities:

Natural shade is all around the camp area because there are numerous poplars, birchs, lindens, tamarises. They make hot summer days easier and more comfortable. The parcel that is located farthest from the sea and beautiful sandy beach is only 500 m away.

For their accommodation Camp guests have few different zones:


Parcel min. 70 m2

Water and drainage on every parcel

Closest to the sea

Every parcel is available for electricity connection

Total: 137 parcels


Priključak za električnu energiju dostupan svakoj parceli

Parcel min. 70 m2

Every parcel is available for electricity connection

Total: 126 parcels


Camp area that is not parceled

Available for electricity connection

Total: 180


At Camp Galeb there are:

– 2 large toilets renewed in 2007., fully equipped ( sinks for washing dishes, laundry, showers, sinks, board spaces, space for changing children)

– 2 toilets for disabeled

– toilet for children

showers for dogs

News at campa since 2007th are family bathrooms that provide guests a sense of comfort and privacy ( shower, sink, toilet)

Download Camp Galeb brochure

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